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Min-Max Lüftung


MinMax Ventilation: Ventilation of large rooms with minimum energy consumption and maximum efficiency

Project details
Project term
July 2015 to March 2019
Funding code
Project management
Gerrid Brockmann

To ensure hygienic and thermal comfort, venues such as cinemas or auditoriums are usually equipped with a ventilation system. In about 90 % of the time the rooms are not fully occupied, and special attention must be paid to optimising the technology at partial load. In order to increase the efficiency of displacement ventilation in large rooms, the MinMax Ventilation project of the Hermann-Rietschel-Institut (HRI) at the Technische Universität Berlin is working on the development of a zoned ventilation and air conditioning system which adapts the fresh air supply to the current occupancy of the room. For this purpose, adjustable flaps are installed in front of the fresh air intakes under the seats, which are closed when the seats are not occupied. This concept of local air injection promises the same or even better comfort with a lower supply air volume flow than conventional displacement ventilation.

The new MinMax Ventilation will be installed in two real meeting places (lecture hall and seminar room) to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the experiment. With experimental methods, local and global room air flows are recorded. The measurement data as well as numerical flow simulations form the basis for the development of the new ventilation strategy. In order to technically implement MinMax Ventilation, various sensor systems for determining the local supply air requirement must be tested for their suitability and an air outlet element with adjustable volume flow must be developed. Furthermore, a planning tool will be created which will enable planners and executing companies to implement the new ventilation strategy in large areas in the future.





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