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Ausbreitung von virenbeladenen Aerosolen in Räumen

Hartmann, A. and Lange, J. and Schumann, L. and Kriegel, M.

Contamination Control Report, 11–13. 2020

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Übertragungsweg Aerosole: Untersuchungsbericht Schwimmbäder

Kriegel, M. and Hartmann, A.

Archiv des Badewesens, 712–715. 2020

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Draught perception in intermittent ventilation at neutral room temperature

Tawackolian, K. and Lichtner, E. and Kriegel, M.

Energy and Buildings, 110268. 2020

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Nahfeldexposition respiratorischer Partikel anhand statistischer Auswertung um eine emittierende Person im Innenraum

Makris, Ruben and Lichtner, Eugen and Kriegel, Martin

Technische Universität Berlin. 2021

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CFD modelling of an animal occupied zone using an anisotropic porous medium model with velocity depended resistance parameters

Doumbia, E. Moustapha and Janke, David and Yi, Qianying and Amon, Thomas and Kriegel, Martin and Hempel, Sabrina

Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 105950. 2021

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Turbulence model performance for ventilation components pressure losses

Tawackolian, Karsten and Kriegel, Martin

Building Simulation, 1–11. 2021

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On Finding the Right Sampling Line Height through a Parametric Study of Gas Dispersion in a NVB

Doumbia, E. Moustapha and Janke, David and Yi, Qianying and Zhang, Guoqiang and Amon, Thomas and Kriegel, Martin and Hempel, Sabrina

Applied Sciences, 4560. 2021

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Vorhersage des Infektionsrisikos durch Aerosolpartikel

Hartmann, A. and Kriegel, M.

HLH, 18–21. 2021

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Aerosol emission of adolescents voices during speaking, singing and shouting

Mürbe, Dirk and Kriegel, Martin and Lange, Julia and Schumann, Lukas and Hartmann, Anne and Fleischer, Mario

PloS one, e0246819. 2021

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Feinfilterkombinationen in RLT-Anlagen Wie Feinfilter Aerosolpartikel effizient abscheiden

Hartmann, A. and Lange, J. and Schumann, L. and Kriegel, M. and Swiderek, M. and Kaup, C.

Technik am Bau, 48–53. 2021

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Disturbance of a laminar air flow caused by differently shaped surgical lights

Hofer, Valeria and Hartmann, Anne and Rotheudt, Hansjörg and Zielke, Benjamin and Kriegel, Martin

International Journal of Ventilation, 1–17. 2021

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Methodology to design district heating systems with respect to local energy potentials, CO2-emission restrictions, and federal subsidies using oemof

Mathias Kersten and Max Bachmann and Tong Guo and Martin Kriegel

International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management, 39–58. 2021

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A methodology to support the decision-making process for energy retrofitting at district scale

Stanica, Diana-Iulia and Karasu, Arda and Brandt, Daniel and Kriegel, Martin and Brandt, Stefan and Steffan, Claus

Energy and Buildings, 110842. 2021

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A Parametric Model for Local Air Exchange Rate of Naturally Ventilated Barns

Doumbia, E. Moustapha and Janke, David and Yi, Qianying and Prinz, Alexander and Amon, Thomas and Kriegel, Martin and Hempel, Sabrina

Agronomy, 1585. 2021

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A systematic review of operating room ventilation

Sadrizadeh, Sasan and Aganovic, Amar and Bogdan, Anna and Wang, Cong and Afshari, Alireza and Hartmann, Anne and Croitoru, Cristiana and Khan, Amirul and Kriegel, Martin and Lind, Merethe and Liu, Zhijian and Melikov, Arsen and Mo, Jinhan and Rotheudt, Hansjörg and Yao, Runming and Zhang, Yixian and Abouali, Omid and Langvatn, Håkon and Sköldenberg, Olof and Cao, Guangyu

Journal of Building Engineering, 102693. 2021

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Pathogen spread and air quality indoors - ventilation effectiveness in a classroom

Lichtner, Eugen and Kriegel, Martin

Preprint. Technische Universität Berlin. 2021

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dhcSim –- A Modelica library for simple modeling of complex DHC systems

Bachmann, Max and Fürst, Yannick and Stanica, Diana and Kriegel, Martin

Energy Reports, 294–303. 2021

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Design and performance of a multi-level cascading district heating network with multiple prosumers and energy storage

Stanica, Diana-Iulia and Bachmann, Max and Kriegel, Martin

Energy Reports, 128–139. 2021

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SARS-CoV-2 Aerosol Transmission Indoors: A Closer Look at Viral Load, Infectivity, the Effectiveness of Preventive Measures and a Simple Approach for Practical Recommendations

Kriegel, Martin and Hartmann, Anne and Buchholz, Udo and Seifried, Janna and Baumgarte, Sigrid and Gastmeier, Petra

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 220. 2021

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Investigation of a Limited but Explosive COVID-19 Outbreak in a German Secondary School

Baumgarte, Sigrid and Hartkopf, Felix and Hölzer, Martin and von Kleist, Max and Neitz, Sabine and Kriegel, Martin and Bollongino, Kirsten

Viruses, 87. 2022

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Übertragung von Kontaminationen durch Umluftbetrieb sowie Leckagen in zentralen und dezentralen Lüftungsanlagen

Kopic, C. and Brandt, S. and Kriegel, M.

HLH Lüftung|Klima Heizung|Sanitär Gebäudetechnik 2022

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Experimental investigation of the contaminated volume

Lange, J. and Cetin, Y. E. and Kriegel, M.

Clima 2022 2022

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Identification of microbial airborne contamination routes in a food production environment and development of a tailored protection concept using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation

Zand, Elena and Brockmann, Gerrid and Schottroff, Felix and Zunabovic-Pichler, Marija and Hartmann, Anne and Kriegel, Martin and Jaeger, Henry

Journal of Food Engineering, 111157. 2022

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