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Data centre floor tiles influence on server fan power consumption
Zitatschlüssel Tawackolian.2020b
Autor Tawackolian, K. and Lindenberg, K. J. and Kaiser, H. and Kriegel, M.
Seiten 109943
Jahr 2020
DOI 10.1016/j.enbuild.2020.109943
Journal Energy and Buildings
Jahrgang 216
Monat June
Zusammenfassung This study presents the flow of cooling air in a single rack data centre test bench with 40 servers with cold/hot aisle containment and a raised floor with a floor tile. The inhomogeneous pressure and velocity field in the cold aisle and the effect on the local server fan power were assessed. Computational fluid dynamic simulations as well as measurements were performed. Due to the cold/hot aisle containment, the floor jet caused a low pressure region for the lowest rack positions 1‐10. In the simulation this led to a predicted increase in server fan power consumption of up to 6% for the lower rack positions. In the experiments, an increase of the server fan power for lower rack positions was likewise noticeable but was blurred due to the variance between individual servers. The influence of the vertical pressure distribution on the total server fan power consumption was minor (below 2%) if leakage is neglected. Six partially covered floor tile configurations were investigated. Partially blocking the floor tile to redistribute the flow showed no beneficial effect in homogenising the vertical pressure distribution because of the resulting increase in floor jet velocity. The simulations over-predicted the vertical pressure inhomogeneity in the contained cold aisle because leakage was not taken into account.
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