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SMART Ventilation


SMART Ventilation (Semi Mechanical AiR Transport Ventilation)

Project details
Project term
June 2019 to November 2021
Funding code
40 EWN / 1
Project management
Eugen Lichtner

Offices are traditionally ventilated through windows, which is mostly a good and inexpensive option. However, this ventilation strategy requires continuous intervention as the outside temperature changes and the wind is fluctuating. In summer, high temperatures and low air quality can arise, while in winter, the room may cool down and draught may occur.

An alternative to natural ventilation is mechanical ventilation with a controlled supply and exhaust air. The advantages of mechanical ventilation are in particular the adjustable air exchange rate and good energy efficiency due to possible heat recovery. Maintenance and energy use are significant disadvantages.

The use of a hybrid ventilation, a SMART Ventilation, is supposed to reduce the operating expenses of a mechanical ventilation system by using natural ventilation when possible. The window opening is controlled and ajusts automatically.

In this project, CFD and data from a weather station are used to develop a control strategy that makes it possible to operate mechanical and natural ventilation concurrently, while ensuring good air quality and thermal comfort and saving energy as well.







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