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Min-Max Lüftung


MinMax Ventilation: Ventilation of large rooms with minimum energy consumption and maximum efficiency

Project details
Project term
July 2015 to March 2019
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In order to increase energy efficiency in large rooms such as assembly rooms, cinemas, etc., the possibility of local ventilation of individual seats or seating groups is being researched. This innovative solution is called MinMax ventilation. It is based on the displacement ventilation principle. The fresh air is then no longer distributed globally across all air diffusers, but is only introduced where people need it directly. The focus of the investigations is on the lecture hall of the Hermann-Rietschel-Institut. The system and the control strategies are developed and compared with the state of the art with the aid of test persons, measurements and numerical flow simulations.

The local introduction of fresh air is problematic for the implementation of MinMax ventilation. Due to the difference in density between the fresh air and the room air, the fresh air drops and the classical air stratification is the dominant influence on the air quality in the room. The energy saving potential (<10%) determined in these investigations is currently not sufficient to justify the additional investment costs.




Brockmann, Gerrid; Kriegel, Martin (2017): Progressing an efficient air pass setup for a local air distribution system in a lecture hall with STAR-CCM+ and Optimate+. In: In Conference Proceedings: STAR-Global-Conference 2017, Berlin, Germany, 2017. Online verfügbar unter star-global-conference.com/presentations.

Klemke, Michael; Brockmann, Gerrid; Kriegel, Martin (2017): Model Validation - Prediction of Indoor Air Quality and  Thermal Comfort In Partly Occupied Venues. In: In Conference Proceedings: Healthy Buildings 2017 Europe, Lublin, Poland, 02.-05.07.2017.

Brockmann, Gerrid; Klemke, Michael; Kriegel, Martin (2017): Required zonation resolution of a locally controlled underfloor air distribution system in a lecture hall with open rows. In: In Conference Proceedings: Healthy Buildings 2017 Europe, Lublin, Poland, 02.-05.07.2017.

Brockmann, Gerrid; Klemke, Michael; Zielke, Benjamin; Kriegel, Martin (2018b): Numerical investigation of the air distribution in terraced assembly rooms with open and closed rows. In: Risto Sakari Kosonen, Mervi Ahola und Jarkko Narvanne (Hg.): In Conference Proceedings: Roomvent&Ventilation 2018, Espoo, Finland, 02.-05.06.2018. Aalto, Helsinki: SIY Indoor Air Information Oy, S. 175–180.

Brockmann, Gerrid; Ibrahim El-Athman, H.; Klemke, Michael; Zielke, Benjamin; Kriegel, Martin (2018a): Comparison of Different Image Processing Methods Used for a Webcam Based Occupancy Detection for Local Ventilation in a Lecture Hall. In: In Conference Proceedings: 15th Conference of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality & Climate Indoor Air 2018, Philadelphia, USA, 22.-27.07.2018.

Degree theses

Within the scope of the research project, the following bachelor theses (BA) and master theses (MA) were developed by students:


Dennis Wermuth (2016): Installation und Untersuchung von Verfahren zur Kalibrierung von omnidirektionalen Anemometer (MA) 

Lars Hantke (2017): Simulationsgestützter Vergleich der Energieefizienz und der Wirksamkeit von Quell- und Mischlüfungssystemen in großen Räumen (MA)

Ibrahim Haider El-Athman (2017): Programmierung und Validierung eines Personenerfassungssystems zur Steuerung einer zonierten Hörsaalbelüftung (BA)

Ruben Makris (2018): Numerische Untersuchung der Auswirkungen auf die Bewertung der Luftqualität durch die Modellierung der Respiration einer computersimulierten Person (MA)

Cornelius Nellesson (2018): Numerische und experimentelle Entwicklung und Validierung von Regelstrategien für eine Zonenlüftung in Veranstaltungsräumen am Beispiel eines Hörsaals (BA)

Ali Mohsen (2018): Experimenteller Vergleich globaler und lokaler Quelllüftung eines Seminarraums (BA)

Henrik Ziems (2019): Entwicklung einer behaglichkeits-sensorgesteuerten Regelung für eine zonierte Hörsaalbelüftung (BA)

Roland Apel (2019): Experimentelle Untersuchung von ausgewählten Einflussgrößen bei der persönlichen Belüftung mittels Freistrahl (MA) 






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