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Eneff: HCBC


EnEff:HCBC: Energy Efficient University Campus Berlin Charlottenburg Demonstration of an innovative management strategy of thermal energy for an existing urban quarter

Project details
Project term
April 2016 to August 2018
Funding code

This research develops a new method regarding the thermal energy efficient refurbishment of an existing urban quarter using the example of the University Campus Berlin-Charlottenburg. It shows how high primary energy savings can be realized at a faster rate and using less financial means than under the current German Energy Saving Ordinance

A key feature is shifting the thermal energy balance from a single building to the urban quarter. In this urban quarter, energy savings, energy gains in form of renewable energy and waste heat, energy storage and energy distribution by multi-level district heating grids can be optimally matched. A large number of measures either saving or replacing conventional primary energy consumption are identified taking the entire campus-quarter as base. These measures include building measures as well as technical measures of very different dimensions. They are made comparable by evaluating their contribution to the overall goal of minimizing the consumption of conventional primary energy from an economic and energy point of view. Prioritized accordingly, the list of measures forms the base of a flexible masterplan that can easily be adopted to changing economic and political conditions and goals, like energy prices, investment costs, ‘anyway to be done for other reasons’ refurbishments etc. and thus help to speed up energy efficient restructuring of urban quarters.


Inderfurth, Alexander, Arda Karasu, Christoph Nytsch-Geusen, und Claus Steffan. „Architectural Geometrical Simplification for Multi-Zone Building Models for Urban Refurbishment Projects.“ In Building Simulation 2017, von Charles Barnaby und Michael Wetter, 580-586. San Francisco: IBPSA, 2017.





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