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EnEff: COP100


Data Center Cooling with the annual efficiency of COP = 100, without compression refrigeration

Project details
Project term
October 2015 to September 2020
Funding code
BMWi 03ET1334B
Project management
Ken Jesse Lindenberg

At present, around 50000 data centers exist in Germany with an annual electricity demand of 10 TWh. About 50 % of the demand is needed for infrastructual purposes only, like cooling, lighting or the uninterrupted power supply, where the electricity demand for the cooling makes about 25 %.

To reduce this high electricity demand for cooling, a wide range of applications are considered to be implemented:

  • The use of indirect, free cooling with adiabatic evaporative cooling
  • Reducing the system resistance for efficient air transportation
  • Effective cooling of the IT-components (Server and UPS)
  • Cold Aisle Containment for a homogenous air flow and prevention of backflow (air-tightness of containment)
  • Targeted air flow to prevent hotspots
  • Efficient air flow control via differential pressure sensors and velocity anemometry between cold- and hot aisle

The overall objective of this project is to demonstrate a data center which is cooled with a SPF = 100 (annual mean pPUE = 1.01), which means 100 kW of IT waste heat is removed by 1 kW of cooling power, without the need of compression refrigeration. In a first laboratory phase, the system is build, tested, iteratively improved and evaluated at the Hermann-Rietschel-Institut. The results of the laboratory phase are then transferred into a newly constructed real data center at the university of Greifswald. A field test and annual monitoring will be conducted to prove the systems efficiency.






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