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Hermann Rietschel


Mr. Hermann Rietschel is one of the founders of a new discipline in the area of mechanical engineering – the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. He was elected as the director of the world’s first chair for “Ventilation and heating” at the Royal Technical College Berlin (Königlich Technische Hochschule zu Berlin) on July 13th 1885. He created a scientific foundation for the already wide spread industrial application of heating and ventilation systems by developing calculation methods for the dimensioning of reliable and economical plants. Furthermore his testing facilities became reputable quickly among German-speaking countries. The testing procedures included quality and performance measurements for components and entire plants.

Ideas such as using waste heat as a source for district heating systems can be traced back to Mr. Rietschel. He designed the heating and ventilation facilities for the German Reichstag in Berlin, theatres in Berlin, Munster and Strasbourg as well as the facilities for the Hamburg town hall, the ministry for justice in Tokyo, Japan and the Bundeshaus in Bern, Switzerland.

Since 1991 the VDI - Verein deutscher Ingenieure (Association of German Engineers) – awards outstanding performances in the field of heating and ventilation with the Hermann-Rietschel-Medal-of-Honour.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Born on April 4th 1847 in Dresden
  • Son of the famous sculptor Ernst Rietschel
  • Studies at a ploytechnical facility
  • Working as a locksmith and later in an engineering works
  • Founding a company for the installation for heating, ventilation and sanitary systems called Rietschel & Henneberg in 1872
  • Contributions to the German Constructional Handbook from 1880 onwards
  • Main lecture about school heating systems during the founding ceremony of the Association of German Engineers for heating and hygienic system
  • Establishing the Chair for heating and ventilation at the Technical College Charlottenburg and resignation from his company Rietschel & Henneberg
  • Vice President of the department for heating and ventilation of the Association of German Engineers in 1883
  • Host of the first German Exhibition on Hygiene
  • Call to the first chair of heating and ventilation worldwide at the Royal Technical College Berlin in 1885
  • Founding the testing facility for heating and ventilation systems in 1887
  • Principal of the Royal Technical College Berlin from 1893 until 1894
  • Retirement in 1910
  • Died on February 18th 1914



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